Positive Power Hour ParTea

What is a "Positive Power Hour ParTea?"  

Invite family, friends, co-workers, neighbors and we lead you in an engaging positive hour of inspiring each other! 

Your Host will lead the ParTea through a Power Hour that will have
everyone leaving feeling amazing. 

You will set your intention, create a vision board, learn to live with purpose and passion, learn to use words that support and empower others. You will have fun with positive affirmations and receive your personalized message and unique word from the Universe to inspire you and propel you forward! 

Each guest will choose an inspirational charm to leave with as a symbol and reminder to grow and manifest forward! 

This is how we come together and grow a movement of people to Inspire each other, Spread Positivity and Live Your Best Life. 

Contact us to book your party today at: contact@soulfighter.info